61 10th St

Wood Ridge, NJ 07075


Date: 07/12/2012

Price: $300,000


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Submitted By: Linda Pauwels | Date Posted: Sat Mar 24

The Cape Cod bungalow style home at 61 Tenth St in Wood-Ridge was built in 1954 and first owned by Raymond & Elizabeth Miller. Charlie Pauwels bought the home on September 16, 1964 just before his marriage. At that time it had a kitchen, dining room, living room and a short hall to two bedrooms. The lot was 50 x 85 with a beautiful round maple tree in the center of the back yard and a fence around the front yard which was later removed due to termites. There was no garage and though there was a stairway to the second floor, there was nothing but attic space above. There was a full unfinished basement. A bulkhead door was added to the basement a few years after they purchased it. Nestled between two two-family homes, the exterior was grey wood which was later changed to green aluminum siding with white trim. A two car driveway was on the left side of the house. A paved cement patio in the back held a large playhouse. In the 1970’s a second floor addition was added with two large bedrooms and a bath. A basement rec room was added in the 1980’s. Though a small yard, there were many azelea, rose of sharron and lilac trees around the perimeter. There were numerous large and small azalea bushes in both back and front yards surrounding yew trees. Eventually the large tree in the backyard was removed. On October 1, 1991 the Pauwels sold the home to Arvind & Dhimant Patel. In 2012 the Patels sold the home to Thomas & Meghan Mcguire. Notes: Lots # 11 & 12 in Block D from a map entitled Map of Property of N Spadola ...1922 filed with the Bergen County Clerk's Office in 1923 as map #1824. Original deed to the Millers recorded in Bergen County Clerk's Office on Dec 22, 1954 in Book 3607 of Deeds, page 292. It was a lovely house for raising children and a good location for schools, shopping, doctors, major highways, and other conveniences in all directions.